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Service de désinfection

Entrust us with the mandate to eliminate all traces of asbestos from your building

It’s a fact, the air you breathe has a significant impact on your overall health. If it contains traces of contaminants such as asbestos fibers, lead or mould, you run a real risk of developing respiratory pathologies. At SDC Travaux Spécialisés, we have the necessary skills to carry out stripping and decontamination that will clean the air in your building. Our team will eliminate any trace of material representing a threat to health, following a strict and safe protocol.
Service de désinfection

Asbestos, a dangerous material that must be handled with extreme caution

The removal of asbestos contained in a building, due to the health risks involved, is a decontamination service highly regulated by the Standards, Equity, Health and Safety Commission of the work (CNESST).

If you suspect the presence of asbestos in your building, it is possible to perform certain tests to confirm your hypothesis. The specialists on our team can diagnose its presence by identifying the materials that contain it or using samples tested in the laboratory.

Service de désinfection

Let us get rid of mold

The quality of the air you breathe has a significant impact on your health. The presence of certain contaminants such as asbestos, lead or mold therefore represents a real risk, especially for people who are exposed to them for several hours a day.

At SDC Travaux Spécialisés, we are committed to stripping and decontamination to eliminate all traces of hazardous materials, according to a strict and safe protocol.

Service de désinfection

After water damage, fungal decontamination is required

Fungal contamination refers to the proliferation of molds developing on different materials in the presence of high humidity or following water damage. The appearance of mold is often accompanied by the presence of spores in the air. These can cause respiratory problems such as irritation, allergies and infections.

If you have detected what you believe to be mold, do not waste time and ask our decontamination technicians for help. They will be able to carry out some tests, and then deploy a safe and effective mold remediation strategy.

Service de désinfection

A complete dust removal service

To ensure that your building, factory or industrial building is properly cleaned, our team spares no effort.

Our qualified staff will develop a comprehensive work plan to ensure dust removal operations are carried out safely.

So we can proceed to:

Dusting of metal structures (horizontal and vertical surfaces, fans, light fixtures, piping, etc.);
Dusting with industrial vacuum cleaners equipped with a HEPA filter which allows absolute expulsion filtration and a guaranteed efficiency of 99.97% and safety down to 0.3 micron;

Service de désinfection

A cleaning service that also caters to schools

Obviously, the dusting of structures located high up and difficult to access is also offered to schools that wish to dislodge dust and impurities from their gymnasium or auditorium ceilings.

Service de désinfection

Disinfection service

When you choose a company to entrust with the mandate of cleaning and disinfecting your workplace, it is important to make sure that the services it offers meet your needs.

Indeed, the type of building in which you operate will have a great influence on the cleaning and disinfection methods that must be used to eliminate all contaminants that threaten the health of workers and the quality of products. The materials, the machinery, the industrial processes used are just a few examples of determining factors in the choice of the maintenance technique that will be the most effective.

Service de désinfection

The know-how of SDC Specialized Works at your service

Industrial plant deep cleaning services, when performed by professionals, can increase the productivity of your operations and the efficiency of your equipment, improve the health and safety of personnel and help ensure that you respect the regulations in force.

To provide you with such benefits, we use, among other things, water pressure washing, as well as dry ice cleaning. In short, our specialized cleaning techniques contribute to the success of your business.

Service de désinfection

Dry ice cleaning and its various uses

At SDC Travaux Spécialisés, our dry ice blasting service is very effective in carrying out certain tasks that would be practically impossible to achieve in a reasonable time using traditional methods.

Service de désinfection

What is dry ice cleaning?

Dry ice blasting, or cryogenic blasting, is a process similar to sandblasting, but uses solid CO2 pellets rather than a conventional abrasive.

Dry ice cleaning prepares and cleans surfaces using solid carbon dioxide accelerated in a jet of air. In addition, it creates a thermal shock on contact with contaminants, which releases them quickly. During the cleaning operation, the dry ice microbeads sublimate when they touch the surface to be cleaned. That is, they turn directly from a solid pellet into a gas, leaving a clean, dry surface with no residue.

Dry ice blasting can be used in the food industry, disaster cleanup and manufacturing, as well as many other areas where the use of water is best avoided.

Service de désinfection

A graffiti and tag removal service that meets your expectations

Our teams who travel to vandalized places are ready to do anything to get rid of graffiti.

In addition to guaranteeing the success of the operation, we always take great care not to damage the surfaces, whether metal, wood, brick or any other material. In addition, we only use products that are safe for the environment and that will not leave any residue on your walls. Finally, we finish the job by applying an anti-graffiti.

So challenge us to remove the graffiti our competitors couldn’t remove!

Service de désinfection

Clean graffiti and tags without damage the affected surfaces

Some products used by other graffiti removal companies may leave a surface in worse condition than before the cleaning process began.

An analysis of the vandalized surface and the substance used to make the graffiti is essential to determine the best technique to use. Indeed, each case is different, and the graffiti removal methods to prioritize vary depending on the initial assessment. Our experts in cleaning graffiti surfaces have the necessary expertise to restore your property to its original state.

Service de désinfection

The power of high-pressure water cleaning

Sometimes even cleaning with the strongest detergents and products is not enough to restore a surface to its original appearance.

At SDC Travaux Spécialisés, our high-pressure washing equipment allows us not only to remove graffiti, but also to thoroughly clean a wide variety of hard or porous surfaces.

Service de désinfection

Pressure washing of exterior and interior parking lots

The cleanliness of your parking lot can have an impact on the perception that customers have of your establishment. With our equipment, we can clean your parking lot quickly and without disrupting your daily operations.

Service de désinfection

An emergency cleaning service for victims of various disasters

The situations requiring the services of a specialized cleaning team can be diverse. However, regardless of the disaster you have suffered, you can count on SDC Travaux Spécialisés to lend you a hand and restore your property to its original state.

Our team puts in place a quick and effective action plan that allows you to regain possession of your building or premises as quickly as possible. In addition, we do everything to ensure that you can recover as much furniture or other personal property as possible following the disaster.

Service de désinfection

Clean up after flooding or water damage

Water is perhaps the most long term destructive substance when it enters a building. Indeed, excess humidity or flooding can lead to rapid deterioration of structures and property. The problem can become even more serious when the water at the source of the problem is unsafe.

Fortunately, the adverse effects of water infiltration can be reduced with prompt intervention by our disaster cleanup team. By contacting us as soon as you become aware of the situation, you can avoid the appearance of mold dangerous to your health, as well as the degradation of certain materials sensitive to humidity.

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Ventilation Duct Cleaning Services

Service d’entretien Carlos cleans the ventilation ducts of commercial, industrial, office or institutional buildings (hospitals, schools, municipal buildings, laboratories, etc.) in Greater Montreal and all cities in the province. Our team has the experience, expertise, and material resources to clean all types of ventilation systems.

Our professional ventilation system maintenance services are numerous. We carry out:

  • Complete ventilation cleaning (debris, dust, pollen, mold, humidity, microscopic fungi, etc.)
  • Decontamination of ducts affected by mold, dust, asbestos or silica as well as soot.
  • Development of a “Ventilation Maintenance” program.
  • Balancing of ventilation ducts.
  • Inspection by robotic camera.
  • Cleaning of air outlets, air return, furnace, air vents, etc.
  • Installation of access doors.
  • Replacement of filters.
  • Air analysis (performed in the laboratory).
  • Complete photographic report after the works.
Service de désinfection

Importance of air duct cleaning

We spend nearly three-quarters of our time indoors, whether at home, at work or in social settings. What few people know is that indoor air quality (IAQ) is often worse than that found outdoors. We often talk about outdoor air pollution, but if the ventilation ducts of buildings are dirty and filled with mold and dust, the indoor air we breathe on a daily basis can be very harmful to your health.

The negligence of some building managers, who do not have the dusting of the air ducts carried out often enough, can therefore have serious consequences for many people. For example, employees who work 40 hours in a building where the air is stale may develop certain health problems.