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For an impeccable cleaning service that meets all standards, you can trust our professional cleaners to get the job done.

Commercial, industrial and institutional cleaning in Montreal

Are you looking for a reliable specialized cleaning company in the Greater Montreal area? SDC NETTOYAGE has offered thorough and versatile cleaning services in commercial, institutional and industrial environments for over 30 years. Our experience and expertise in the field of specialized cleaning allows us to offer custom services for all types of installations, surfaces and buildings.

We clean various types of buildings:

  • Office buildings
  • Businesses
  • Industries (factories and warehouses)
  • Institutional buildings (schools, hospitals, banks, daycare centres, etc.)
  • Government or municipal buildings
  • Server rooms

Our specialized cleaning services are carried out in compliance with the strictest cleaning standards and protocols. For the cleaning of buildings or structures at height, in depth or in tight spaces, our team has the required expertise and equipment.

Our specialized cleaning services

Our specialized technicians perform different types of cleaning:

A professional in protective uniform, mask, gloves in the roof for cleaning

Cleaning and degreasing of industrial equipment and buildings

We clean, degrease and decontaminate (contaminated dust or other) all surfaces (interior and exterior walls, floors, ceilings, parking lots, etc.), equipment (machines, ventilation systems, tanks, wells, tanks, silos, etc.) and buildings (factories, warehouses, garages, farms, etc.).

A complete work plan will be developed and must be approved by your Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Manager before we begin our specialized cleaning work.


Post-construction cleaning

Finalize your construction or renovation project by having our team clean up quickly and thoroughly. Our quality cleaning services include surface dusting, wall washing, floor washing and waxing, etc. You do the construction work, and we do the cleaning! We can help you leave the site spotless.

Cleaning and dust removal at height

Dust accumulates everywhere and can easily be spread around. To solve the problem without damaging the surrounding objects, dry dust removal is required. SDC NETTOYAGE employs specialized techniques and sophisticated equipment to ensure that dust is safely removed. It will therefore be completely removed, not simply moved.

When cleaning structures and buildings at height, we use a crane, a platform or specialized equipment. We carry out:

  • Dust removal from metal structures (horizontal and vertical surfaces, fans, fixtures, piping, etc.).
  • Dust removal with industrial vacuum cleaners equipped with a HEPA filter that allows absolute expulsion filtration, with a guaranteed efficiency of 99.97% and safe up to 0.3 micron.
  • Cleaning of rigid ducts and pipes by brushing.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of evacuation, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

With our specialized equipment, we can carry out your cleaning job at height efficiently and with high precision.

Parking lot cleaning

SDC NETTOYAGE has the expertise to revitalize your indoor and outdoor parking lots. Our high-pressure cleaning (hot and cold water) removes all accumulated dirt (stains, graffiti, damage of all kinds, pollution, etc.) from your parking areas. We can restore your parking lots (concrete walls and asphalt) to a new and clean condition.

Server room (or data center) cleaning

To avoid disruptions caused by dirt and dust, a server room (or data center) must be cleaned several times a year. The SDC NETTOYAGE team specializes in the cleaning of computer rooms and control rooms. We clean walls, suspended ceilings, raised floors (and other floors) to remove dust and improve ventilation.

We also clean and service the air conditioning system to ensure that the temperature is maintained between 22°C and 25°C.  Our team also decontaminates computer equipment. If your infrastructure is located in a room with a high level of dust or heat, more frequent cleaning should be considered.

Please note that your insurance company will not cover an incident if your computer room is not cleaned regularly, in compliance with current standards.

Commercial, industrial and institutional maintenance

We clean buildings inside and out and provide janitorial and maintenance services that meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

Spring cleaning

In the spring, building and business facades need high-pressure cleaning to restore their appearance for the summer. Our team cleans signs, exterior siding, sidewalks, roofs and other surfaces to ensure that your buildings are impeccable.

Other cleaning services in the Greater Montreal area


Masonry cleaning

We clean masonry (bricks, stones, concrete, etc.) while preserving the material structure.


Paint stripping (buildings and equipment)

Our team strips surfaces covered with all types of paint. We remove rust and corrosion.



We can de-ice dangerous ice-covered surfaces with high-pressure hot water jets.

Our specialized cleaning techniques

Our team of building and surface cleaning specialists offers solutions and work methods designed to meet the specific needs of each of our commercial, industrial and institutional clients.

For extremely dirty surfaces, we carry out:

  • High pressure washing (cold and hot water)
  • Dry ice cleaning
  • Dry steam cleaning
  • Sandblasting or other environmental abrasives

We will discuss your needs with you and we can offer the best solutions for your particular case.

Why choose SDC for your maintenance work?

Specialized equipment

Reduced maintenance costs

work hours

Multiple certifications

Complete protection of the premises

Contact us for specialized cleaning

For more information on our specialized cleaning services in Montreal and all surrounding cities, contact the SDC NETTOYAGE team at (514) 727-3415 or request a free quote by filling out our contact form.

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